Delivery charges will be based on location, please enquire before purchasing.

Some on-line flower retailers will (and do) offer "free flower delivery", this typically means that the delivery cost has been built into the product price shown. Unfortunately the reality is that the cost of delivery simply comes out of the the amount collected for the flowers, resulting in less flowers being delivered!

Delivery rates are based on location. Deliveries, to the same address, with multiple pieces will be assessed to additional charges.


During floral events such as Valentines, Mothers Day, Father’s Day and Christmas and festive season we are unable to guarantee any specific requests for delivery times and days. Deliveries may occur late into the evening, including Saturdays for events such as Valentines and Mothers Day.

With all orders placed with us for delivery for these floral events we will do everything within our power to make the requested delivery date, however we are subject to product and delivery availability and weather conditions in a given delivery area. If for any reason a delivery can not be made as requested it will be made on the next day that delivery is available.


On orders placed 24 hours in advance (excluding peak floral holiday periods e.g. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.), we will be happy to honor requests for AM or PM delivery, or delivery by a specific time (e.g. Deliver by 3:00 PM) whenever possible.


Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee delivery times for peak floral holiday periods such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc. Orders received with specific delivery instructions may not be delivered exactly as requested. Sorry, but we are unable to cancel and refund orders that may be delivered "late".


At Cest La Vie Florist we strive to get every aspect of your order correct in order to provide you with a stress free purchasing experience. However, we can not accept responsibility for incorrect delivery addresses such as wrong street numbers or street names, or wrong cities. In cases where we are provided with a delivery address that is incorrect, we must charge an additional delivery fee for re-delivery to the correct address.


Delivery arrangements to deliver your floral order to certain area only, standard delivery fee for KL & PJ only (Bouquets, Fruit & Flower basket, posie). Please enquire for other areas. There are areas, however, that require additional delivery charges. There are also areas where we can not make any delivery arrangement.


Requests for delivery to airport staff are dealt with on an individual basis. Delivery to, arriving or departing, passenger is not possible.

BUSINESSES (Commercial building and offices, etc.)

Business deliveries generally occur between 10:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. local time, Monday to Friday. It is important that you identify in the special instructions field the name of the business, office number, street address, and the time the recipient will be leaving the office, in order to ensure delivery can be completed as requested.

HOMES (Residences)

Deliveries to residences generally occur between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM local time (delivery area), Monday to Saturday. Specific time delivery need to inform beforehand. Some senders have requested that arrangements be left in a sheltered location such as a porch or garage. Such delivery instructions may not be acceptable as we are financially responsible for the order if it is not received by the recipient. In order to ensure that we can successfully complete delivery, please provide as much information as possible in your order.


Please identify if the delivery to the hospital is for staff or a patient. Both require the full first and last name of the recipient, office or room number, department or ward. In the case of the maternity ward, the correct name of the mother is required. Many hospitals require floral orders be left with the volunteer department for distribution. Orders delivered in the late afternoon may not be distributed until the next day. Some hospitals allow delivery directly to the nursing station, while a few allow delivery directly to the patient’s room.



We require a valid telephone number for the recipient, we will generally call the recipient to confirm that they will be present at the delivery location when the flowers arrive. If a telephone number is not provided and/or we are unable to contact the intended recipient the delivery will not be made until the recipient can be reached. This ensures that multiple delivery attempts are not made that may result in additional charges for the sender or damage to the flowers due to excessive time in transit. If for any reason the sender is aware prior to placing an order that the recipient can not be reached by phone this should be noted when placing the order. In this case the sender will assume responsibility for any and all additional charges due to multiple attempts or no one available to accept a delivery. Please note that we cannot issue refunds for orders that have been placed and created, but where delivery was unable to be made as recipient was unavailable.


The customer assumes all liability when requesting that we leave flowers at the door of an unoccupied or unattended home or business. We cannot be held responsible for missing or faulty product due to this special request as it is not something that we recommend under any circumstances.


To provide you with the best possible service, you can cancel your order if it has not yet been created by our florist. If we can cancel the order we will provide a full refund.

We are unable to cancel or change orders already created by the Cest La Vie Florist, en route to the location or already delivered. Refunds will not be issued in these situations.

Please contact us within 7 days of delivery if you have questions or concerns regarding your delivered order. You may be asked to have the arrangement returned to the florist or to provide a photo of the delivered arrangement. We can NOT consider questions or concerns about flowers that have been transported to a secondary location after delivery. Questions or concerns sent to us after 7 days may be addressed at our discretion.